Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lark in the Park

One of my favourite things about Dunedin is that there is all kinds of free family friendly events happening.  But the best part is that due to the size of Dunedin, the events are not overly crowded.  This particular event, I can't give you much background on.  We were on our way home from our visit to Auckland and I saw a sign on the Botanical Gardens that said "Lark in the Park".  I googled it and couldn't find much out, but decided since it's our local playground to mosey on down and check it out.

I am really glad I did this.  It was an event sponsored by the Lions Club, this year they were raising money for heart disease (I think).  The entertainment was made up of everything from high school orchestra, some kids Irish dancing, a few singers and the cool thing was about an hour of interactive entertainment for the kids.  This included all the kids getting an instrument and playing it, getting a ribbon and twirling it and getting a fox mask and dancing around to 'What does the fox say", a parachute.  It was so awesome.

There was also this g-force ride, that looked like what astronauts ride in.  The age limit was 4 and luckly Bodie was four... He loved it!  The train that normally runs through the Botanical Gardens was running and they also got in a vintage fire truck that kids rode. 

The sun came out and this was a real fun day. 

Vintage Car Race

A few weeks back the 60th annual vintage car race was held in Dunedin.  This is basically when old cars from the early 1900s come together and race from the Octagon to Brighton Beach.  We went and had a look, and wow, it was so cool!  There were about 60 cars/trucks/vans and even motorcycles.  And the cool thing was that the majority of the car owners dressed up in the early 1900s clothes!  The cars and costumes coupled with the old vintage buildings in the Octagon I thought I was living in the early 1900s. 

Down at Brighton there is a big carnival at the finish line.  I'm talking, rides, games, stunt men, and stalls selling stuff.  All the cars also are lined up and put on display with their hoods up and what not. 

It was a very cool day and something I highly recommend!

Here is a link that tells you a bit more and photos/videos below.

Here is a video of the oldest car being crank started and the engine.  Sorry about the people, lots of interest.