Thursday, April 10, 2014

Slide, Ride and Stride

Bodie completed his first ever triathlon!  The Slide, Ride and Stride event is held in Dunedin each year.  It is for 2-6 year olds.  A 50 m dash, 150 m ride and then a water slide.  We got there early so that Bodie could see what he was supposed to do.  It was adorable seeing a whole bunch of 3 yr olds running through a field to get to their little plastic bikes.  I then laughed at the parents who worked WAY harder than the kids bending over to push the kids on their bikes for 150 m!

We briefed Bodie on what to do... run to the bikes and look for Dad, who will have your bike.  I went with him to the start line.  A man explained the rules and made the mistake of asking if there were any questions.  4 year olds like to talk... so after a few minutes of questions/statements from the kids the whistle blew and they were off!  Lots of parents were running with the kids, but I told Bodie I would see him when he was on his bike.  I was little concerned he'd stop running, b/c it was crowded.. but he was running!

The bike ride was a struggle b/c it was on wet grass.  But he persevered and didn't give up!  He zoomed down the soap covered water slide and ran through the finish line.  He was a very proud boy.

This event is awesome for promoting healthy lifestyles.  Being healthy starts young, so I was very happy to see such a cool event for toddlers.  And it was only a $2 entry fee!

 Before the race

Run, Bodie!

On the bike!

Getting his certificate!

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  1. Cute photos and congratulations to Bodie! and to his awesome parents too of course