Monday, May 12, 2014

Dunedin Public Art Gallery

I let time slip away so I am combining two outings in the one blog.  Both of which took place at the The Dunedin Public Art Gallery.  Now, I am not a big fan of the arts and to be honest, when I go into art galleries I don't know what to do.  A picture is a picture (to me), I am not the person who can sit and find the hidden meaning in the image or a block of concrete.  But I heard about two really cool exhibits on at the Dunedin Art Gallery and decided to check it out.   

The first exhibit was from a Korean artist Seung Yul Oh.  I can't go into the philosophy of this exhibit but I can tell you it was interactive and it was FUN (you can read about it here)!  I will post pictures about the 'meaning' of these exhibits but first I will just tell you what it was to our family.

The first room was dark, had flat screen TV's of rivers and then there was these HUGE boulders.  But they were big semi-deflated balls or bean bags.  We had a blast! Bodie would manage to climb to the top of one and Simon would jump onto the side and Bodie would fly off into the air and land on another one, where I would jump on it and he would fly off in another direction.  It was so much fun, so much laugher and even a work out!  The next room was filled up with these big huge cylindrical balloons.  And there were so many it was like a maze.  you went in and you got lost and really disorientated.  I think we spent an hour in the balloons playing hide-and-seek or chase or something.  So a super awesome and fun exhibit that took up a good 2-3 hours of our time! 

The next exhibit is called the cubic structural evolution project, which is basically a huge table with thousands of white legos (you can read about it here).  It is a hard thing to fathom really.  A huge table, thousands of lego and long bench seats with dozens of people using their imaginations and constructing some really cool things.  A lot of towers that had amazing patterns I never would have thought to create.  Bodie and I made a house with an indoor pool. :-)  We stayed there an hour, easy.  This exhibit is still on, so if you haven't already, check it out!

I have concluded that Art Gallery's aren't lame, in fact, the Dunedin Art Gallery is far from lame, it is an amazing place where a lot of learning takes place.

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