Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sea lion chase!

We went out to Allan's beach on this beautiful sunny day with light north-easterlies.  Stunning day on the beach.  The beach is known to have sea lions on it.  We got out there and there were two!  Normally they are up in the sand dunes and you can barely see them.  This time, they were down by the sea.  So we went out and sat about 20 m from one and just watched it while we ate our popcorn and Bodie made sand angels.  I noticed the sea lion we were near starting to move so i stood up to start taking pictures.

As i was taking pictures i hear someone yelling "Excuse me, Excuse me", i turn my head and i see them frantically pointing at something behind me.  I turn around and there is the biggest bull sea lion i have ever seen charging right at us.  

I about crapped my pants!  He was HUGE!  And came out of no where!  So, I turn to tell Simon (who was laying on the sand) to look out behind him but he had already turned b/c he felt the vibrations in the sand.  We realize he wasn't coming after us, he was coming after the sea lion we were photographing, we just happened to be in his path.  So, we quickly picked up our stuff and moved, while he just ran on by us and chased the sea lion into the dunes.  Then he continued running down the beach.

And he finally reached the second sea lion and chased this one into the sea.

At last he ran down the entire beach until the last sea lion was in sight.  I thought he was going to chase this one away too, but it must of been his mate.  Because this one didn't move until he was right over her and they had a romantic moment before heading off into the sea together (but they had to chase a dog off the beach first!)

Coolest wildlife experience ever!

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