Sunday, April 28, 2013

Soccer Saturday in Mornington

Simon grew up playing soccer.  His mom knew a guy his age from her University course who also plays soccer.  This guy was looking for more players.  So, Simon and him got in touch.  His first game was on Saturday.  It happened to be at a park with a playground and the weather was fantastic so we decided to all go.  Bodie and I could go to the playground, Simon could play soccer... win-win!

The game was at Mornington Park.  It's a pretty decent playground.  It has cool play equipment, a bike track, a soccer field, a tennis court, toilets and a really amazing view.  Like most places in Dunedin, when you have a view you also have wind.  This particular Saturday was a beautiful Fall day (the day before the wind was ROARING and it was SOOOO COLD)!

The soccer team turned out to be a whole lot of 18 - 23 year old 'men'.  When Bodie and I decided to watch the game, it made it interesting to be sitting with a 3 year old whilst hearing a cocaphony of swear words being shouted all over the field CONSTANTLY and seeing testosterone filled 'men' getting in faces and just acting like idiots (if you ask me - thankfully Simon was not involved with the baboon acts!). 

Anyways, after about 2 minutes of sitting still Bodie got bored.  We were sitting up on a hill so Bodie had a lot of fun climbing up and down the hill, using my feet as ropes and ladders.  I then got Bodie to roll down the hill, which turned into me having to roll down a hill.  Now, I don't know about you, but when is the last time you laid down on the ground at the top of the hill, tucked your arms in and rolled down?  I have no idea when the last time it was for me but DANG if it won't FUN!  The pair of us laughed and laughed!  We took turns and i can't tell you how many times i rolled down the hill!

When you watch the next video, keep in mind that Bodie was doing the recording.


Here's some pictures.

These bushes look like they belong in the Lorax!

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