Saturday, May 11, 2013


I found out about a cool toddler sport and movement program called Playball (  Since it's coming up on winter, we decided to enroll Bodie for a term, as it'd be a good way to get us out of the house and let Bodie run around (without us freezing our tails off at a playground).  I don't think any of us knew what to expect.  We took Bodie to soccer4tots when he was younger, but this was interactive with the parents.  I had assumed that this is what playball would be like.  I was wrong!

We got there and Coach Liam somehow managed to wrangle eight 3-4 year olds to sit on some mats and switch on there ears (that was so freakin' adorable).  He then played games to the traffic light colors.  One time they would jump to green, hop on one foot to yellow.  The other they would run real fast to green and walk (hahahaha) to yellow.  They got out hocky sticks and had to navigate a tennis ball through 'landmines'.  It was so cool to see the concentration that some kids had!  There was one kid who did this 3 times and the concentration was unbelievable!  Bodie on the other hand did it once, put his stick up and asked 'what's next'.  They threw tennis balls and tried to knock down the tower.  They took food to a grasshopper, whilst jumping through hoops.  There were some times we laughed so hard! There were races (were everyone was NOT a winner) and only ONE trophy is given each week for those who particpate in every activity, try their hardest and listen.

It was really cool.  And it was entertaining.  And the cool thing was that we didn't have to participate, we got to spectate!  For me, I enjoyed watching my kid listen to direction, I loved watching him try so hard to walk (when all he wanted to do was run), and listening to him pipe up and answer questions and volunteer to do things.  I just really loved his confidence.  Considering i think he was the only new kid and the others seemed to of been doing this together for a while.  He did really well.  And he was definately the scariest ghost!

So, all you peops in New Zealand, lookup playball.  It's awesome!

PS, YES Bodie is wearing his moms vintage Whipporwhil soccer jersey!  One i wore when I was his age!

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