Monday, June 17, 2013

LIttle Day Out

The weather really packed in for the weekend.  I had thought that Saturday was going to be an overcast, but dry day and we could go to the local BMX park to ride bikes.  Unfortunately after playball it began to rain.  Simon had a soccer game and it was me with a 3yr old who wanted to desperately go to a playground.  It was way too wet and cold outside and as much as I am grateful there is a Chipmunks, by gosh i really couldn't handle going there again.

Instead, we went to Mcdonalds.  I am in no way promoting their food but seriously, Mcdonalds playland was an absolute lifesaver this weekend!  We were there for 2.5 hours, Bodie had migrating flocks of 'friends' to play with and me... well, i sat at a table with a coffee and read the newspaper.  I seriously don't remember the last time I was able to sit and read the ENTIRE saturday newspaper.  It was strangely one of the most relaxing afternoons i've ever had. So, readers, if you find yourself pulling your hair out on a rainy afternoon and don't want to spend a lot of money, head over to your local Mcdonalds with a playland!

The 'main' event of the weekend was the Little Day Out, which was held at the Edgar Center.  This was a fund raising event for all the local Kindergartens.  For all of you American readers, Kindergarten over on this side of the world is NOT the first year of school, but more like what you call Pre-School.  Kids go to Kindergarten from age 3-5 and is normally for 3-6 hours 2-4 days a week.  Bodie does not go to a Kindergarten as such b/c I work full time, instead he goes to daycare.  I am unsure what the difference is b/c I have never been to a Kindergarten.  But kindergartens have "room moms" or "committee moms' that volunteer to help in the classroom on a roster basis and help with organising all the fund raising events as well as field trip chaperones etc.  Kindergartens are also normally free or something like $5/day per kid... hence why they have to do fundraising (note: the govt gives each kid 20 free hours at a kindy/daycare once they turn 3, hence why most kids normally attend kindergarten around 20 hours a week).

Now, back to the Little Day Out.... This was very cool!  The Edgar Center is a HUGE gymnasium.  I didn't bring my coat in b/c i didn't want to keep up with it, but turns out, i'd of been happy wearing it.  So, if you go to something in the Edgar Center... dress warm!  The event had numerous stalls, obviously put on by each Kindergarten.  They were selling everything from baked goods, cotton candy, lollies/candy, used clothes, sausages.  Some had arts and crafts such as a mask making table, finger puppets and face painting, balloons.  There were two bouncy castles and a big blow up slide.  And they also had a really cool area full of numerous obstacles like jumping off a plank, balance beams, cones to run through, tunnels to crawl through.  The lady who runs the playgym was there with a few of her goodies.  One stall had a large selection of bikes and so kids could ride around on them.  It was a really neat and fun!  And even better, Bodie was able to go run to his hearts content for 3 hours and once again play with migrating flocks of 'friends'.  And to top it all off, it was indoors!!

So, my advice is to add the Edgar Center website to your search list for upcoming kid friendly things happening.

The blur is Bodie jumping off the plank.

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