Monday, June 10, 2013

Super Hero Disco!

Friday night was the much anticipated Super Hero Disco (party/dance party) at Bodie’s Daycare..Since it’d been anticipated since March (as it was originally scheduled for April, but postponed due to a chicken pox epidemic) it was very exciting to have the night finally arrive!  Bodie had a batman costume that his Aunty Tracey gave him one year for Christmas.  So we had to figure out what me and Si were going to be.  Since Bodie was batman, everyone knows what he needs, right?  A sidekick named ROBIN!  I decided I’d be superwoman because A) I had the jacket already so it was easy and B) Bodie’s batman outfit is reversible and can also be superman. 

Luckily I work next to a Save Mart (2nd hand clothing store) so finding the needed items wasn’t too hard – the one pictured on the home page is a few buildings down from where I work) and yes this is dangerous b/c yes I do visit it at least once a week, but at least when I need some retail therapy I only spend $15 for 3 shirts instead of $120 for ONE!. Anyways,  I went in to savemart and managed to find a green short sleeve t-shirt, red boxer shorts, red tank top and some yellow fabric for Simon’s Robin outfit.  And I found a red skirt for me to wear.  All for like $10 or something.  Simon’s mom found some green tights at a Chinese dollar store type place.

Now, I’m not the craftiest person, but luckily the Robin outfit only involved cutting out a circle, coloring in a R and sewing it on.  And then cutting the yellow cloth the right length and sewing it on in two places on the shirt.   I think the costume came together nicely!

I’m unsure how to find words for this Disco. The lights were out, the place was decorated with balloons, streamers, ‘Gotham’ city on the walls, strobe lights, lasers… it was really out of it! The music was your typical cheesy 70s stuff with a bit of wiggles and bob the builder mixed in.  The kids were very entertaining to watch dance… and dance and dance (and a bit like dogs chasing a flashlight b/c they just tried to jump on the lasers). 

I think what Batman and the rest of his Justice League loved the most was running through their playground at night and swinging on the ropes and going down the flying fox.  They chased their teachers (dressed up as The Incredible Hulk, Power Rangers and Wonder Woman, to name a few), screamed as people jumped out of shadows… it was such a cool event!

The disco went from 6 – 8 and by 7pm there were many kids having melt downs and parents shuffling them out.  Bodie himself had a meltdown b/c he got something in his eye (supposedly).  I was standing in the middle of the room with the lights blinking and the music blaring waiting on Si to finish a conversation so we could go with Bodie screaming in my ear “my eye my eye my eye” when Bodie went silent and limp… he just zonked out on me (note: I’d spent 5 minutes flushing his eye, I didn’t ignore him)!!  He woke up as we left and cried that he wanted to go back.  Mid-sentence he zonked out again.  Woke up again being put into the car, only to be zonked out 2 seconds later. 

Sorry, not really a ‘what to do in Dunedin’ blog this week.  Some pictures of the event are below!  As per last entry, sorry about the blur for photographs taken in the dark!

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  1. having a re-cap read through your blog. these pics are soooo awesome!!!! :) I remember it on instagram at the time and showed mack. we both loved and laughed and liked indeed