Thursday, August 15, 2013

Impromptu Car Show

On Saturday, Bodie and I returned from a visit to my folks in America.  We went over for my Dad's 70th birthday.  After spending an entire day (24 hours) traveling with Bodie, Simon took Bodie out to ride his bike on Sunday morning.  Bodie was a keen bean to do this.  So, Simon drives Bodie over to Dinosaur Park and as soon as Bodie steps out the car he starts shivering and says "It's cold, Dad.  I want to go to Old McDonalds".  So, instead of riding bikes, Bodie and Si ended up doing this...

Sometime around mid-day Simon called me to ask if I wanted a coffee brought home.  He then told me that there was a hot rod car show in the Octagon.  Seeing as how I had just left my family and my dad is a HUGE Mopar fan and I grew up going to Car Shows with my dad, I couldn't miss this!
Turns out it was an impromptu show put on by the Hot Rod club of Dunedin called the ConRodders!  All I could do when I was there was think about my Dad.  My Dad is such a Mopar man that if he is traveling down a road at 100 km/hr and we pass an old car, he can tell you the make, model and all kinds of special details just from the split second look!  So, you can imagine how fun it is to go with him to a car show where he tells you about every car you see.  I remember we went to a car show when he visited NZ and he was saying how in America they were different year makes or that the car is a '56 but the tail or grill is a '58 (for example).  He also mentioned that all the cars that weren't popular in America (back then) were over here, like 4 doors instead of coupes or visa versa. 
So, on a day when I just returned to NZ and my parents were half a world away, I thought it was very cool to stumble upon this event that made me feel like my parents were so close.
The cars would come and go at random and the smell of the engines took me back 'home' and the sound of there rumbling engines and how they echoed through the Octogon as they 'stomped on it' put a huge smile on my face, just as it would put one on my Dad's had he of been there. 
So, I guess this blog is for my Deddy.  I love you, Deddy and I'm glad I got to come home for your 70th Birthday!  If you and Mama ever decide to come live here, there is a Mopar Club here waiting for you to join! xoxo

I really liked this Thunderbird!

Bodie had to get a picture with "Bumblebee"

Look a race car from Fayetteville, North Carolina!!

Deddy, here is a Chrysler!!


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  1. cool :) and so lovely you got to be suprised by that. good work Dunedin