Sunday, September 8, 2013

Del Sol! A restraunt for kids!

A new restaurant has opened up in Dunedin.  Simon's mom and Del had some friends in town so we decided to book a table for 6pm.  I was a little apprehensive with Bodie b/c he isn't the best at sitting still for long amounts of time.  When we got there I was so relieved!  The place was totally kid friendly!  I think every table had kids at it!  The place is really loud, so if your kid is loud, no one hears him.  In saying that, if you want to go somewhere to have a good chat, this isn't the place.  You can't really hear people at the other end of the table without yelling!  They also have big sombreros that you can wear and that is fun for the kids... and adults)!.  The décor is really cool.  It's an old building and they managed to make it look like a Mexican restaurant but keeping the quant old style charm of the old building.  The drinks were great and the food was greater!  Everyone at the table enjoyed their meal.  I got a pulled pork tostada, which is basically pulled pork nachos.  And it had bits of cracklin' in it!  Unlike most NZ food, the pork had a kick to it and the avocado went well with it, cooling it down a bit.  By the time we were finished with the food, kids were running all over the place.  We were out of there by 730pm and it looked like most of the other kids were too.  The clientele also changed from 7pm or so. 

So, if you feel like a good family dinner that isn't too expensive (minus drinks) then check it out!  On Moray Place across from the Rialto!

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